24 3 / 2013

Fun sized bullshittery (Part 3.)

- “Like I said, I think Asian girls are so pretty and innocent” *Proceeds to force kiss me* (P.s. this dude is married and has kids)

- “What? But aren’t you guys Asian? I thought you guys would get along.”

- “So you’re half Korean, but you’re half Filipino right? That sucks. Anyway I want a skinny sugar free latte” FUCK YOU I GAVE YOU A DECAF WHOLE MILK LATTE WITH SUGARY VANILLA SYRUP

- “What do you mean you don’t eat Panda Express?”

- “Omg I loooove Panda Express best Asian food ever”

- “What the hell is a Pho?”

- Me: I don’t know I’m kind of picky when it comes to guys like I really like this one model
Person: Who is it?
Me: Uh………………….. [thoughts] COME ON TELL HER YOU LIKE A WHITE MODEL THINK OF SOMEONE He’s a Korean model you wouldn’t know who he is
Person: No no tell me
Me: ….. Ahn Jae Hyun
Person: He he what a silly and stupid sounding name
Me: (._.)

- To my white male coworker: “I don’t like the way she made my drink. I swear, Asian girls can’t be baristas”

- Person: “I hear Koreans eat dog right? Do you eat dog? Omfg that is so wrong and gross I swear Asian people are so weird….”
Me: “Are you implying that we’re savages? Thats kind rude” 
Person: “Oh, don’t act so offended. It shouldnt be a big deal right? Anyway you’re like the coolest Asian I know so don’t trip”

- “I hear Asian girls go for the white guys, why not the Mexicans?”

- Person: “What do you think of Amy Chua/Tiger Mom/Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior controversy? Were you raised like that??”
Me: “Honestly I can’t speak for all Asians because I was raised like that but it didn’t work for me, as you can see I did not get accepted to university—-“
Person: “Well I think its true because Asians are so fucking smart too bad they’re not that cool except for you Erika I like you because you’re not smart like them”
Me: “Uh…………………………..” 

Part 1. Part 2.

ThisisnotKorea: Why can’t these people all be swept off to sea….

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